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My Fair Lady 2009

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Show Facts

Performed by Trinity Players at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall during 28th April - 2nd May 2009

Mollie Hilton
Musical Director
Jean O'Connor
Leigh-Ann McFarlane assisted by Helen England

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The Show


My Fair Lady is a musical based upon George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion with book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe. The story concerns Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney flower girl who takes speech lessons from professor Henry Higgins, a phoneticist, so that she may pass as a well-born lady. The musical's 1956 Broadway production was a hit, setting what was then the record for the longest run of any major musical theatre production in history. It was followed by a hit London production, a popular film version, and numerous revivals. It has been called "the perfect musical".[1]

Synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia

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