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Open All Hours 2013

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Message Received from Sir David Jason OBE

Forward by Sir David Jason OBE

Show Facts

Performed by Trinity Players at Sutton Arts Theatre on 13th - 21st September 2013

Stage adaptation
Gary Simmons and Jane Aston
Jane Aston assisted by Aimee Potter

The Cast

Gary Simmons
Jonathan Hall
Nurse Gladys Emmanual
Mary Singh
Colin Townsend
Milkwoman/Mrs Brocklesby
Deb Carruthers
VAT Man/O'Reilly
Don Wainhouse
Hungarian/Mr Wilkinson/Mr Bristow
Brian Leather
Mrs Parslow/Mrs Blewett
Ann Dempsey
Linda Turner
Neville/Mr Thorndike/Cake Buyer
Peter Cooley
Young Lad/Cake Buyer
Steven Blower

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The Show


Open All Hours is a BBC sitcom written by Roy Clarke. It ran for 26 episodes in four series, which premiered in 1976, 1981, 1982 and 1985 respectively. The programme developed from a television pilot broadcast in Ronnie Barker's comedy anthology series, Seven of One (1973). Open All Hours ranked eighth in the 2004 Britain's Best Sitcom poll.[1]

Synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia

The Stage Adaptation

The stage adaptation is the brainchild of Gary Simmons and Jane Aston, two members of Trinity Players. They are long standing fans of the hit television series and they wanted to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its 1973 television premier. After receiving the permission of Roy Clarke they set about writing the stage adaptation. After months of research, including watching all 26 episodes numerous times, visiting the shop in Doncaster where location filming happened, and tracking down the major props (including the bicycle and the till!!) the script was ready.

Performed for the very first time in history by Trinity Players, the show proved to be an immense success, selling out on all 9 performances a week before it opened.

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